Career Coaching for
Early Career Professionals in Boston, MA

Hi, I’m Jenny, the founder of Extrospectives Career Coaching! 

When we were in college, we had an academic advisor, professors, maybe a study abroad advisor or international student advisor, a peer mentoring center, a counseling center, and a career center.  Then we graduated, went out into the world and… were suddenly on our own to figure it out.  What now?

Gaining extrospective is about having a space to bring your messy thoughts and spill them to someone who can help you make sense of them.  It’s about walking away from that space with clarity, focus, excitement, and energy.

I founded Extrospectives because a lot of people spend their 20s trying to find their direction without knowledgeable support along the way.  A career coach can advise you on how to chart a course to make progress… to make more money… and to do something meaningful while you’re making money. 

Of course, there are plenty of career coaches out there, but most seem focused on older professionals (who have big pocketbooks).  We’re the only service that is dynamically tailored to early career professionals.  Take a peek at our Philosophy and learn how our process sets itself apart from first-generation career coaching.  Our clients enjoy fresh, new, extrospective exercises that encourage bold action and playful experimentation – and get the highest results.

There are a lot of important decisions in the early years of your career, and the choices you make now can set the course of your path for years to come.  Take the first bold action and begin it. Call me and we’ll start with a complimentary conversation about how Extrospectives might help you fly your career farther than you thought possible.

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