Mi Historia es Su Historia...

You can benefit from choosing a coach with life experience similar to your situation.

Taking the Risk. In college, I chose my major because I thought it was what I should major in. I worked really hard and did all the right things with my cover letters, resumes, and interviews. But when actual job offers rolled in, I realized that I’d learned along the way that this career track was not what I wanted.[read more]

Instead of just accepting one of the offers, I took 3 months to start the search again from scratch. By September, I had landed a job in a completely different industry. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a terrific fit for me for the better part of a decade.

Are you thinking about taking a risk and you’re not sure if it would be worth it - or how to go about it? Before you make the leap, give me a shout. We can walk through the process I’ve used to gain clarity and confidence – to take the right risk.[read less]

Handling Negative Feedback.  On my first assignment, I received negative feedback from my manager about my performance on the team.  It was made clear that if I did not change, they would move me off the team, and possibly out of the company!  Ouch.[read more]

Instead of giving up or starting to look for a new job, I sought tough feedback from others and figured out how I could change the perceptions. Within two weeks, things had dramatically improved, and within months, I was holding a leadership role on the same team. When the project concluded, I was promoted.

It can be painful to hear negative feedback! And it takes a lot of strength of character to make positive use of it. If you’re dealing with a tough situation with your team, it might be an opportunity to make changes and be even more successful in the long run... Or, it might be a sign that the job is not a good fit… How could you possibly know? Gain the perspective of someone outside the situation who has been there. Let me hear from you. You might surprise yourself with how quickly you can turn it around and get on the right track again. [read less]

Negotiating More Pay. After acquiring a reputation as someone who gets results, I was recruited by another division within my company for a challenging assignment.  I was eager to take the new position, because it would give me more management experience, a higher title, and a more flexible work schedule.[read more]

Instead of accepting it right away, though, I sought advice on negotiating, prepared for how to make the case, and won a pay raise that was $30,000 a year more than I was making at the time. Yah-oo! Now, that’s a good feeling!

Do you suspect that you might be more valuable to your company than what you’re currently being paid? I can help you see the value of your work through your employer’s eyes and prepare to make your case - in a way that is both comfortable for you to say and sure to be heard. [read less]

Working Abroad.  I always knew I wanted to work within another language and culture.  I also quickly learned that most people who are hiring only care about filling the position they’re hiring for; you might even hear cynicism about your interest in working abroad, à la “Oh sure, and I’d love to work in Paris!”[read more]

I found that there are back-door ways to getting to work in another culture. I landed a 2-year gig that allowed me to work in San Juan, Puerto Rico – and even still fly home every weekend to see my family and friends.

Are you serious about working internationally, but people aren’t taking you seriously? I promise you can get there from here! Contact me and we’ll start mapping out the many routes you can take. [read less]

Changing careers.  After nearly a decade at a big, Fortune 100 corporation, I decided it was time to make a change.  I left on a good note, since I had no idea what I might do next, or whether it might even work out.[read more]

I started out doing part-time volunteer work, training for triathlons, reading, and practicing martial arts. At first, I didn’t even know the job title I was looking for or the type of company I was seeking, but I knew the things that were important to me and what I enjoyed. My friends looked at me funny when I told them that I wanted to find… a position that would allow me to be kinetic (not always be at a desk), do something with international education or travel, work with young adults and well-educated people, use my analytical and management skills, make a decent salary, and also be able to go for a run in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday.

Using extrospective Experiments, I tried out different kites – volunteering, researching, networking. I learned powerful Visioning techniques, and started to develop a picture in my head of my ideal situation – never mind the fact that if I described it out loud to anyone I knew, it didn’t sound like a job description that anyone had heard of. Then, I created a Plan to monetize my skills, and put my talents to work every day without waiting until I could find ‘the’ perfect job to get started.

As I kept experimenting and iterating the process, unexpected assistance came and things started to happen. Within months, I’d moved into a completely different field, company, and job title – in stunning alignment with the picture I had created months before.

If your work is starting to feel stale and you feel like you’re only doing it to pay the rent, it is definitely time for a change. It can be scary, overwhelming, and even expensive to change careers; but when you are building your own belief through action, it can be exhilarating. Feel the momentum of getting started with a single conversation.[read less]

I made my way through these experiences through trial-and-error, and no doubt you could, too.  The voice of experience will show you the secret spaces where lift-off is strongest, and give you the confidence to pilot your own kite even higher – while having more fun along the way.

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