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Ok, I’m thinking about doing it.  So how much will it cost me?

I’m here to help you achieve your vision – at a price comparable to a session with a personal trainer, salon visit, or bar tab.  Once you start, you’ll see that engaging a coach is an investment in your own earning potential, and it pays for itself like no other personal indulgence does…[read more]

After a no-fee consultation, the initial session is $95 for a 1 ½ hour assessment; sessions thereafter are offered on a sliding scale from $55 - $85 per hour.

Now, some coaches offer a “sliding scale,” which typically means their clients are paying vastly disparate amounts - after haggling with the coach about what they can afford. 

Here’s how it works with me:  you simply decide how much you’re going to pay, based on two things that only you can judge:  (1) the value you feel you received from the session and (2) how much you feel you can afford.  You don’t have to justify it to me or explain your personal financial situation. 

Yep, that’s different.  Imagine if everything worked that way?[read less]

Hmmm, why is your price so much lower than other coaches I’ve found online?

In the Boston area, coaches typically come in the $125-$375 range.  This buys you one (1) session!  For me, I decided to set my price point low on principle.  Maybe you just can’t pony up $500 a month, even though coaching would be a powerful tool for you.  Since I already have another job that I really enjoy…[read more]

I have the luxury of essentially acting as a not-for-profit career coach.  I started to provide coaching services on the side because I get jazzed about mentoring young adults, and friends have told me that I’m so good at it, I really should be charging them for the conversation. Now, my mom says I should be a stand-up comedian, too, even though I’m really not all that funny.  Good thing I don’t take all the advice I’m offered!  And you shouldn’t either.  But when your kite string keeps tugging, it’s fun to see where it might lead…

Also, I invest the proceeds of the business back into the mission of being extrospective.  Profits go to two things:  charities that support people in living life large, and experiential education to keep challenging my own boundaries.  I set out to live extrospectively every day.

Bottom line, it’s all about helping each other on this planet.  A price tag shouldn’t get in the way of moving forward in your career.[read less]

Hey, but are you as good as other career coaches who charge more?

That depends on what you’re seeking.  A lot of career coaches have backgrounds in psychology, social work, counseling, or human development.  If you find theoretical frameworks and introspective, self-analytical exercises appealing, you might want to check out a traditional career coach.  This isn’t my background.

A while back, I was talking to a woman who happens to be a full-time career coach with 15 years of experience in psychology and counseling.  She shared with me that her higher-end clients had been pushing back recently because she didn’t have ‘real-life’ business experience and couldn’t give them results-oriented advice about the situations they were confronting every day.  She said, “It’s great to do What Color is Your Parachute exercises at first, but after awhile, people really want to hear how you would handle a given situation, and they want you to have hard skills and know-how about what to do next.  Jenny, I’d bet your background would actually be more valuable.”

What I bring is a solid foundation of business experience…[read more]

During nearly a decade with a Fortune 100 company, I was promoted 3 times, negotiated step-change raises, and developed teams with up to 14 individuals.  I consulted across 7 different industries, negotiated contracts with executive management, and managed projects with budgets up to $9M.  In 2005, I traded in my consulting job for a successful career change.  Now, I am continuing to do meaningful work with busy professionals and young adults in my ‘day job,’ even while Extrospectives Career Coaching continues to grow.

What this means for you is that I’ll be continuing to come up with fresh tactics in daily work-life situations that are similar to yours:  you’re nervous about your upcoming review; you have a personality issue with someone on the team and it’s holding you back; you want to get that client, customer, or potential employer to return your calls…

Throughout my career, I’ve been passionate about helping early career professionals.  I have worked with young adults preparing to live, work, and study abroad; I’ve mentored 20-somethings in career training programs.  I have launched mentoring programs for universities and for-profits, and I continue to serve as pro-bono mentor with a fast-growing non-profit.  Supporting my coaching skills are credentials in management and resolving conflict in interpersonal relationships, including the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and a certificate in Mediation from the Houston Bar Association.[read less]

If you’re looking for someone who can give you a firm sense of what action you might take next - then I’m your girl. And I’d love to hear from you!

How long will it take to see results?
It depends on what you’re trying to achieve.  Some clients find that just a couple sessions help them nail a specific issue; other clients are going through a major career change and want the extrospective support over a period of many months.  Generally, speaking, though, it’s about piloting your kite to a new place in the sky - it’s not something you’ll likely need ad infinitum… 

You never have to pre-pay for multiple sessions – you can pay as you go and stop at any time. Because I am paid by the session, I’m motivated to making each hour we spend together stand apart from other conversations you have in the course of your week.  Our goal is for you to begin seeing results in your life immediately.

Do you accept checks and credit cards?
Yes, I have a PayPal account that accepts credit card payments online, and I also accept personal checks.

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