Choose Your Own Adventure

Extrospectives Career Coaching specializes in career advancement, job search, finding (or creating) hidden job openings, and career change.  I can help you build your own kite to see how much farther you really can go –

  • Design an individualized plan for accelerated career advancemen
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts and build productive, working relationships
  • Excel within your organization’s political environment
  • Polish your personal image and create a personal brand
  • Identify ways to continue learning while working
  • Apply proven networking strategies to decide what you want – or, to get what you want
  • Consider whether starting a business might be better than being an employee
  • Confidently negotiate a significant compensation package
  • Bridge your background to a new industry, field or sector (move from for-profit to non-profit, academia to business, working domestically to working abroad)
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